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  • Automates the competitors monitoring
  • Regains control of the distribution

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Why will you love Parity?

Ormos Parity allows you to recover the control of the distribution and price parity, compiling the information from the main metasearch engines, detecting discrepancies between the channel of reference and the prices published on the web. Also, it allows you to find possible errors regarding the availability and distribution. Optimize your business.

Ormos parity does not only inform about disparities but it also allows the hotel manager to create a system of alarms for conflictive channels and to send automatic warnings of the disparities to the main "deal-breakers", attaching screen shots to prove the incidence. An absolutely necessary tool for optimizing the control over the prices in order to avoid the losses due to no-parity.
  • Inform/Scanning for 90 days ahead + 30 additional days known as "Hot dates" that can be modified by the client at any time.
  • Search in the main metasearch engines: Trivago, TripAdvisor, Google, Kayak, etc.
  • Effective scanning of more than 50 OTAs and 80 final retailers.
  • Breakdown and differentiation by markets: Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, etc.
  • Reports and graphics of prices, disparities and alerts.
  • Choosing of nights and stays, type of rooms and number of guests.
  • Possibility of integration with the hotel search engine to use it as the reference.
  • System of automatic notifications by mail, including the screenshot of the disparity.
  • Credibility ranking of distributors.
  • Excel exportation.

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Why you will love Checker?

Without any doubt, Checker is the most value tool for our clients in their day to day. Current touristic market require hotel managers to have more control about the purchase time, the kind of rooms and the room prices. To find opportunities and know how our competitors work in their daily live is necessary to have the best technological allied.

ORMOS checker is more than a rate shooper. It is a tool useful which monitor the most important ratios on the market like competitors behavior or another which have a direct impact in our market position.
  • Inform/Scanning for 365 days ahead + 30 additional days known as Hot dates
  • Umlimited searches on real time.
  • Customized set competitive. 10 hotels as limit
  • Own room type map
  • Reports and graphics
  • Choosing of nights and stays, type of rooms and number of guests
  • Up and down competitors prices alerts, and also open and close out dates advises
  • Hotel Ocuppancy rate, weather prediction and hotels scoring available
  • Excel exportation

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Our team:


R&D Team

We have a multidisciplinary team with expert’s programmers who have been able to develop from scratch an innovative and original tool. Great systems programmers who are divided into teams such as support or integrations with third parties and also working on the continuous improvement of the ORMOS tools.

ORMOS Equipo Account Management

Account Management Team

We have a great team of account management. Experts Tourism graduates who have worked in the past with companies such as Paradores. They are the perfect support for the optimization of the tool.

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